Progress at school

A quick update with a few photos of the big school boy! Hugo is absolutely loving school. Yesterday we had a lovely note from Viv, his teacher, which I'm sure she won't mind me sharing:

Isn't it just wonderful to see so many smiles these days?!

Just a 'couple' of other things:
He's waving his arms in songs he recognises, often looks up for his name, looks for his light and take itwhen found, loves the light box, does lots of mouth movements at feeding times, shows 'affection' when close... looks up at you when you talk/sing! Is reaching out and discovering his peers sitting alongside him in morning circle! Verbalisations... and more!

Fantastic, I think he is enjoying school!

A few weeks ago Viv also sent us this lovely collage of her and Hugo laughing at school. 

Viv sends collages of the kids every day - showing what they did and things they've enjoyed. It's such a great thing to receive, especially for kids that find it hard to communicate what happened in their day. If only all kids could have such a wonderful school experience!

Each Monday Hugsie has to bring in a photo for 'news' on a topic that Viv asks for. This week it is his 'sleeping friends'. Here's the photos: 

Until next time!

Clare and family x