The last 6 months

There's one thing about having been too busy to update Hugo's website for the past 6 months and that is that when I have come back to update the blog and looked at my last entry I can't quite believe the progress Hugo has made in such a relatively short period of time. 

Here's a snapshot of what's been happening! 

Hugo turns 5!

A few photos from Hugo's 5th birthday party back in September

Some time with his brothers

Bertie and Bunny took their big annual holiday late in 2015 and Hugo came to stay with us for a few weeks. The other boys, Caleb and Archie, loved having him to stay and we just hung around home, went to the park and generally relaxed and had fun. Here's some photos from during that time. 

Morning ritual - iPad and chatting with Hugo in bed. 

Hugo not so thrilled to be having dinner together! 

But LOVING shower time :)

LOVING shower time

LOVING shower time

The end of preschool

Hugo's time as a preschool boy has now come to and end. The experience Hugo and the family have had at Waterford Preschool has been nothing short of incredible. Hugo has loved the interaction with the other boys and girls and the staff at the preschool we so kind, patient and loving to him and the extended family. Hugsie loved the music lessons, reading, painting, going on the trampoline and he had lots of room to be able to walk up and down in his walker. His communication skills have made some dramatic changes with him now turning to respond to sounds and to show he can tell if someone new is coming to say hello to him - generally smiling as they approach. 

If you would like to read the report of Hugo's time at Waterford you can do that here. It has examples of the things he did there and the progress he made. A terrific keepsake from his period as a little preschooler. 

Hugo and his nanny, Jodie, practising walking at Waterford Preschool. 

Hugo's time with his nanny Jodie

Hugo, Bunny and Bertie have had a big move this year. Moving from Bellevue Hill up to Wahroonga to be close to St Lucy's, where he will start school this year (more on that below). This has been a big adjustment of everyone and has also meant that his regular days with nanny Jodie have sadly come to an end. Jodie has been an incredible support and carer for Hugo and they have developed a very special bond. She will still be making trips up to Wahroonga to babysit once a month or so but the family definitely miss her positive energy and enthusiastic support for Hugo's accomplishments - not to mention the hard work she puts in to his physio. 

Here's a photo Jodie took one day on one of their regular walks and trips to the park. As you can see he's very happy in her company and loves the swings!

I love the swing 180815.jpg

Physical developments

Hugo's physical progress has been remarkable over the past 6 months. He's now walking well on his walking frame and spending longer periods standing and supporting his body weight. He now uses a rope to hang on and practise standing which makes him have to correct his balance and use his upper body strength. Here are some photos from a physio session about 3 months ago (November 2015) and his progress has improved even more since then. 

He's not always thrilled about going to physio as Debbie and her team (at Therapies for Kids) work him very hard. But by pushing him beyond what everyone (except Debbie!) thinks he can do, he's making some very promising progress towards independent standing, and perhaps independent walking down the track as well. 

St Lucy's - Kingergarten Boy

Tomorrow is Hugo's first day as a big kindergarten boy, so I will save the details of what school is like for future posts. St Lucy's is a special school in Wahroonga and we feel very lucky that Hugo has been accepted to go there as they have such a wealth of experience with kids like Hugsie and so far have been really kind and welcoming to us all. 

Here's a picture of Hugo at his orientation day at St Lucy's, with Bunny and Bertie.

Everyone is very excited (and also understandably apprehensive as all parents of kids heading off to school!) about this next chapter in Hugo's adventures. I personally can't quite believe that Hugo is already a school boy - this year I have a Year 2 boy and a kindergarten boy - how time flies!  It makes me very proud to see Hugo standing so grown up and tall as a 5 year old school boy on. It's quite simply amazing. 

Hugo with Bunny and Bertie on orientation day at St Lucy's school

Hugo with Bunny and Bertie on orientation day at St Lucy's school

Until next time!

Clare x (Hugo's mother).