First day of school!

A quick post to put up a few pictures of Hugos' first day as a kindergarten boy! Quite an amazing accomplishment and a day I really would have struggled to pictures 5 1/2 years ago. But it couldn't have been better. His new school - St Lucy's at Wahroonga - is absolutely terrific and he has the most incredible teacher and teacher's aides who are already doting on him (and his other class mates). In fact I reflected on the pictures I have been sent from the school this evening and thought that if only more children had the opporutnity to have an education like what it seems will be given at St Lucy's then the world would be a better place! Today I saw a collage of images of the teacher lying on the floor reading books with the children. How nurturing, fun and educational - all at the same time! 

Here's a few pictures of the big kindergarten boy - and yes, you are right if you have picked up that Bertie is dressed in the school uniform - not sure if this was an accident or not!! :) 

Until next time!

Clare X (Hugos' mum)