The holidays!

Well Hugo's been having a busy time since the last post on the blog. We've had Christmas, he went on holiday to Tasmania and today he's starting preschool (how grown up!). But I'm getting ahead of myself, because before all that fun Hugo had a bit of a set back. The picture below gives you a hint...

Yes, that's right. Just before Christmas Hugo had an accident and broke his arm. Poor little thing. As you can see this made him very sad and sorry for himself. It was a nasty spiral fracture and was very painful. It meant some time away from his physio and other therapies and generally made life a more difficult than normal. Although there were a few goes at getting the right treatment (as often is the case with us and the hospital!), it was finally agreed that he would have his arm, unplastered, in a sling for 6-8 weeks and that the pull of gravity would heal the bone. This happens quite quickly in young children apparently, but amazingly, as is always the case with little Hugo, he has bounced back in a much shorter time than we all expected and within about 5 weeks the break was largely healed and he is now pretty much back to normal life.

So what else has been happening?? Well we've had Xmas, which we had with all the family. Here is Hugo opening his Santa presents. 

Bunny and Bertie also took Hugo on a holiday to Tasmania where they all had a lovely, relaxing time. Here he is with Bunny in the park at Launceston. Bertie and her family are all from Launceston and my sister and I used to play in this park as children ourselves, so it's lovely that Hugo could visit and enjoy the sunny weather. 

He's also had time playing with his brothers while they have been on school holidays. Here are Hugo and Archie playing at Hugo's light table last week. 

And finally, to finish this update, here is a lovely video of Hugo playing peek-a-boo with his OT (occupational therapist) a few days ago. How clever he is to have worked out the game - and you can tell by his reaction at the end that he was very pleased with himself and found it quite funny! 

Until next time!

Clare, Hugo and all the family. xx